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The Product Management Track

The product management track is a complete program that gives you insight into the world of product managment. This program ideal for individuals looking to pivot into product management or start a fresh career in this space.
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    What you are going to learn

    A few more words about this course

    Product Management is about owning a product, understanding the processes involved in putting a product in the market and understanding what happens afterwards. This course will help you become an expert in the management of products. You will learn how to use available tools and processesto make a decision and how to work with your team. Designed for individuals pivoting into the product management space or who are planning to complete their learning in product management.

    You will learn:

    • How to define your customers
    • Different research methods
    • How to write a PRD
    • How to define your success metrics
    • How to define your MVP
    • How to launch and market your product

    Course reviews

    "I learned a lot of handy new tips. Refined procedures that I am already doing and enjoyed learning brand new techniques I haven’t done before."
    "This course is a wonderful way to become more confident with procedures that will allow for better standard of care and level of proficiency."

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Product Management?

    Product management is an organisational function within a company dealing with new product development, business justification, planning, verification, forecasting, pricing, product launch, and marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle. Product management’s fundamental goal is to ensure that customers’ demands and wishes are fully represented during the design and development stages, resulting in better and more popular products. Our product management courses and projects include everything you’ll need to know, from technical expertise to business insights and user experience abilities.

    What does a product manager do?

    A product manager analyses the consumer demand and bigger company objectives that a product or feature will meet, articulates what success looks like for a product, and rallies a team to make that vision a reality.

    How do I know product management is for me?

    The job of a product manager is to help people solve challenges. If your life has driven you to think creatively, solve problems, and be curious, product management could be the ideal job for you. You’d be a wonderful fit for a role where you can practise, learn, and grow a lot.

    How do I become a product manager?

    Our product management course is a great approach to start your career as a product manager. We combine online learning with the chance to work on real-world projects to provide a relevant experience that prospective employers would value.

    What skills should a product manager have?

    A skilled product manager should be able to collect and analyse data effectively, as well as be conversant with the most common spreadsheet and analysis software tools. When you enrol in our product management course, you will gain knowledge of the tools and processes most typically used in product management roles, as well as how to successfully gather and analyse various sorts of data.

    What career opportunities will I have after taking the product management course?

    In a variety of businesses, product managers are in high demand. Your job prospects will be influenced by your prior experience to some level, as you may be able to apply current product or industry knowledge. You may rest assured that the abilities you’ll learn during our product management course will provide you with all you’ll need to succeed in your first job. The course is designed to improve your future employability and assist you in finding a rewarding job.

    Is the product management course certified?

    Absolutely. It is certified. All students who finish the learning program get a certificate.

    What sets More Techies courses apart?

    Our product management is one of the best you’ll discover anywhere on the internet. The fact that you work on a genuine project with an experienced expert sets it apart. The product management course provides you with all of the necessary theory and technical abilities, as well as a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare you for any problems you may face in your new position. To enrol in our product management programme, please contact us right away.

    Will the class replays be made available?

    Yes. The class replays will be made available at the end of entire learnng program. We strongly encourage you to attend your class and in time.

    Can I make payment in installments?

    Yes. Send an email to [email protected]

    Is More Techies promising me an internship and a job?

    We don’t promise jobs or internships, however, you will get the opportunity to work on a real time project. 
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