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We believe in helping individuals achieve their goals and livetheir dreams in fulfillment. We are interested in the journey of every single student we come across. We know what exists in the marketplace and what is required to stand out. Bearing this in mind, we have positioned as the link starting from where you learn, get the opportunity to get experience and then help you land your dream job. This led us to build a platform that helps people to eaily shop their learning programs with ease. This affords us time to spend time in the marketplace so we can consistently update our funnel of learning programs. 

Easily Accessible

All our learning programs are provided online so you can study at your own pace - anyday, anytime.  

High Quality

Our curriculum are developed by industry experts and delivered by experienced individuals in the field.


The courses have been designed to meet the needs of individuals who wish to update or advance their knowledge in different areas of tech.


All courses are provided online which will save you money on accommodation and travel costs. Also, the learning programs from More Techies are competitively priced.

Meet our instructors

Joy Eneghalu
Digital Media Consultant
Helen has worked within the field of radiology for many years.She has also worked in teaching positions for over a decade. After completing her Masters degree and residency program at the University of Melbourne, she works in private referral practice as a Diagnostic Imaging specialist.
Walter is the Founder and Owner of VetCare, and he is a passionate veterinarian dedicated to offering the best education from around the world. 
Veterinary Ophthalmologist
Penelope is a specialist veterinary ophthalmologist who enjoys teaching undergraduate students and practitioners about diseases of the eye. She has worked at the University of Pennsylvania's College of Veterinary Medicine since 2008.

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