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Product Marketing Track

Unlock the secrets to successful product marketing with our comprehensive course. Learn strategies for identifying target markets, creating compelling messaging, and executing effective campaigns to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Master the art of positioning your product to stand out in a crowded marketplace and gain the skills needed to effectively market your products to the right audience. 
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    What you are going to learn

    A few more words about this course

    This course will help you become an expert in the diagnosis and management of common ocular and periocular conditions in dogs and cats. You will learn how to use traditional and non-invasive diagnostic tools to make a diagnosis, and when to refer your pet to a specialist. Designed for veterinary students who have completed their externship or who are planning to complete their externship in ophthalmology.

    You will learn:

    • What product marketing is 
    • Difference between a PM and a PMM
    • Qualitative vs quantitative research
    • Learn the relationship between pricing and branding
    • Difference between positioning and messaging
    • Product launches

    Course reviews

    "With so much information everywhere on marketing. It feels refreshing to listen to the teachings of an actual product marketing expert with experience. This course is highly revealing. You outdid yourselves, More Techies."
    Adaeze ude
    "If you need a clear understanding of product marketing, then this course is a must buy. I came in with my knowledge in sales and I am happy that my transition to being a product marketer is coming to reality."
    Bobola ayorinde
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