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More Techies provides education in various tech skills to help young individuals upskill and be employable.

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What We offer

Tech Education to further your career

We are offering practical learning programs for individuals looking to transition to tech, people looking to upskill and entry level techies. 

Expert educators

We’re passionate about ensuring our students succeed. That’s why we invest in our instructors so they can pass on their expertise and knowledge to our students

Online Consultations

 Gain hands-on experience in a virtual  environment. The learning programs provide you with the knowledge and skills to even land a remote job

Global Classroom

A complete built-in social network for connecting with other students. Our learning platform helps students connect with peers.
About Us

Why choose More Techies?

We believe in helping individuals achieve their goals and livetheir dreams in fulfillment. We are interested in the journey of every single student we come across. We know what exists in the marketplace and what is required to stand out. Bearing this in mind, we have positioned as the link starting from where you learn, get the opportunity to get experience and then help you land your dream job. This led us to build a platform that helps people to eaily shop their learning programs with ease. This affords us time to spend time in the marketplace so we can consistently update our funnel of learning programs. 

Easily Accessible

High Quality



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Achieve your Goals

High quality tech learning for entry level techies 

Whether you are here to learn a tool, learn a skill or take a course, we have you covered. Our courses are indepth and easy to understand. Upon completion of your program, you will be issued a certificate of learning. You can learn at your pace and enjoy learning with individuals like you.

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What else is in more techies

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More Tribe
Currently Open

More Techies Bootcamp

The bootcamps focuses on basic principles and shares how you can start your career in tech. It is ideal for individuals who have no understanding of the tech space and the skills that can be explored. It is the perfect space for demystifying how no code talents can work in tech.
Currently Open

More Techies Academy

You are here already and in the right place. More Techies Academy is where you get up to date knowledge about the desired tech skill you want to learn. Our area of specialization is in no-code skills and our method of learning is hybrid. Click the button to see available learning programs.
Currently Open

Talent Accelerator Program

The Talent Accelerator Program is ideal for individuals who have gone through a learning program and are looking for opportunities to build their portfolio. Our goal is simple - to get talents from point A to point B. TAP lasts for 6 months, enough to build your confidence and launch you into the workplace. Tap into the world of possibilities and start your journey today. 
Always Open

More Tribe - Community

With our hands on practicals and up to date information, you will have the confidence to start providing high quality and cost-effective pain management for many cases.

Our Courses

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