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Technical Writing Track

Technical writing is the art of explaining things in great detail so that readers can grasp a certain ability or product. This course will give you a head start to your technical writing career.
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    Businesses have leapt on the 'content' trend, putting in time, effort, and money to provide high-quality content to their target audiences. Technical writers are not just employed in the field of technology; they also work in marketing and education, to name a few. This course is an ideal program if you are looking to start your technical writing career and want to go from novice to associate level in the shortest possible time. 

    You will learn:

    • What technical writing is
    • Skills needed as a technical writer
    • Technical writing tools
    • Goals and objectives of techncial writing
    • Different types of writing
    • Categories of technical writing

    Course reviews

    "A short yet powerful and concise introduction to technical writing. I really love how the teacher makes the classes interactive even though it is self paced."
    Sola Aluko
    "Thank you, More Techies for this introduction. I am a content writer who feared technical writing. Taking this program opened my eyes to see how I could play in tech as a writer."
    faith aina
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