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Social Media Management

The social media management learning program is the ideal program you need if you want to manage social media pages for startups.
  • 40 learners

  • 4 hours

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    What you are going to learn


    This course will help you become an expert in social media management. If you are ever looking to work in tech and don't know how to get in, being a social media manager is your cheat sheet. The program is simple and easy to understand. You will definitely find yourself implementing in no time. 

    You will learn:

    • The necessary tools needed for social media management
    • How to use a content calendar
    • How to repurpose content
    • How to understand your audience
    • The important metrics to look out for
    • How to attract followers to your page

    Joy Eneghalu-Anele

    Specialisation: Social Media Management


    Joy Eneghalu-Anele is an entrepreneur and a digital media consultant with over 6 years experience in Marketing and Communications. Joy also has 5 years experience teaching skills in website design, social media management, content marketing and personal branding. 

    Course reviews

    "This social media management program has to be the most detailed I have come across. Very simple to understand and I totally appreciate all the templates to get me started already on my work."
    Stella-maris, nigeria
    "My story is a case of being clueless to absolutely loving the program. I am really thankful for the opportunity to be in this learning program."
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