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Fundamentals of Product Management

Fundamentals of product management gives you an insight into what the product space is like including terminologies you should know.
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    What you are going to learn

    Fundamentals of Product Management

    The fundamentals of product management will help you understand the product management terrain. This program is free of charge and ideal for individuals looking to pivot into product management or start a fresh career in this space.

    You will learn:

    • What product management is
    • Roles in the product management space
    • Design thinking 
    • Product management frameworks, documents, platforms etc
    • Scope of product management

    Course reviews

    "I have experience as a project manager and when I heard of product management, I became curious. I got in and it was totally a breeze. I am thankful for the experience."
    Uche Okafor
    "This bootcamp is a wonderful way to know more about product management. I had zero clue about what it all meant until this bootcamp. I'm off to the academy!"
    Mary adeniyi
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